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  • search by exact name or regular expression over names
  • search by type (up to isomorphism)
  • search by words appearing in comments
  • stroked, underlined, and highlighted styles
  • image data inclusion
  • full table support (caption, headers, rows, data, and horizontal span)
  • token substitution
  • text folding/unfolding
  • @typevar tag to document type variable
  • @unimplemented, @todo, @undocumented, @todoc, @docme, @fixme, @tofix tags for
  • remaining work
  • @alias, @synonym, @abbreviation, @equivalent tags for cross-references
  • @threadsafe, @threadunsafe tags for thread compatibility
  • @stateful tag for state-based functions
  • @copyright and @license tags for legal information
  • @attention, @bug, @error, @info, @new, @note, @remark, @warning tags

Version 1.1 (2012-08-05):
  • full-text search over comments
  • search by type can now take advantage of type manifests
  • search by type now handles labeled parameters
  • search by type now handles optional parameters
  • new '-search-frame' command-line switch to have search panel in a frame, rather than in a window
  • update for OCaml 4.00.0
Version 1.0 (2011-11-02):
  • new '-search' command-line switch to generate search information (available on HTML pages through the magnifying glass icon)
  • search by exact name
  • search by name using regular expression
  • search by type using isomorphisms (experimental)
  • new '-definitions' command-line switch to load variables from file
  • correct handling of embedded tables
  • more predefined licenses for the '@license' tag
  • some refactoring
Version 1.0-beta (2011-07-15):
  • switch to OCaml 3.12.1
  • support for folding
  • enhanced support for tables (horizontal span, check for well-formedness)
  • @copyright and @license tags for legal information
  • '-argot-version' command-line switch
  • tests for base64 encoding
  • support for ocamlfind has been fixed
  • support for use as native plugin has been fixed
Version 1.0-alpha (2010-12-31):
  • first public version